Changing the industry.

One waggon - many utilities. Flexiwaggon enables individual loading and unloading.

When the train stops, the loading and unloading of Flexiwaggon can take place almost anywhere in just 7 minutes from the train stops until it´s up and running again


Reduced time

Reduces time for transport up to 60 %


Lowered cost

Lowered transport cost with up to 60 %


Reduced emissions

Reduces emissions up to 100 %


7-minute loading

Makes onloading / of-loading flexible


No terminals

No need of going through terminals


Produces electricity

Each wagon produces its own electricity

How it works.
Step by step.

Schedule your transportation according to stops for planned routes and shortest distance to final destination for your cargo

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Stop the train

The driver stops the train and truck is ready

Push to open

Push the button to launch out the wagonbody

Drive on

Drive off/on the wagonbody (truck and semitrailer-bus-cars)

Close and take-off

Push the button to launch in the wagonbody

One solution.
Multiple benefits.

Flexiwaggon sets a new standard for intermodal freight transport.

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Sustainability is a top priority.

Go green with FlexiWaggon.

Less pollution local and global

Produces its own electricity

Reduces emissions up to 100 %

Drivers can rest during transport

Unload trucks anywhere

Let us compare.

Here is an example of a trip with 23 trucks between Arvidsjaur and Malmö. Without and with Flexiwaggon.

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Traditional transport

More cost, for you and the planet.

49 hours transport time

86 123 € cost

36 317 kg CO

Using Flexiwaggon

Save time and money with Flexiwaggon.

21 hours transport time

34 426 € cost

3 013 kg CO

With Flexiwaggon.

With Flexiwaggon, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the vehicles you can transport:

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Mikael Fjällström

Swedish Energy Agency

“The benefits for the national economy with Flexiwaggon are numerous. The emissions will be reduced up to 100%, including carbon dioxide emissions”

Quote from Mikael Fjällström at the Swedish Energy Agency. The amount of traffic on the roads will diminish and since Flexiwaggon has no need for special loading and unloading facilities, the transport work will be more flexible.

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with the best

Flexiwaggon sets a new standard for intermodal freight transport.

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