Fast and flexible military transport

Flexiwaggon MW for faster and safer transport of defense and rescue equipment.

The flexibility of the Flexiwaggon MW© wagons makes it easier for peacekeeping forces to transport vehicles faster and safer – personnel and equipment can be put into operational mode more quickly.

72 ton

Max load capacity

140 km/h

Maximum speed

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How it works.
Step by step.

When the train is stopped, Flexiwaggon is designed to be opened anywhere. Fast loading & offloading also ensures saved time.

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Stop the train

The driver stops the train and truck is ready

Push to open

Push the button to launch out the wagonbody

Drive on anywhere

Drive off/on the wagonbody (truck and semitrailer-bus-cars)

Close and take-off

Push the button to launch in the wagonbody

Military waggon

Flexiwaggon MW© is a railway wagon, also available to drive tanks, for fast and efficient transport of trucks, off-road vehicles and rescue vehicles. 

The wagon resource- and cost-effective and safe freight transport solutions. The swiveling car body with its own ramp allows vehicles to get on and off the car quickly, anywhere along the railway.

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Time efficiency

Built for 140 km/h on rail, loading and unloading within 10 min


Drive on & off anywhere

The swiveling ramp allows vehicles to get on and off anywhere along the railway.


Produces electricity

Via shaft generators, making it independent of the trackelectricity supply.


7-minute loading

Loading & unloading simultaneously under 10-min for one complete train set.


Reduced emissions

Reduces emissions up to 100 %


Built-in flexibility

The trailer is adapted for all-terrain vehicles, trucks and other types of vehicles


With the combination of road and rail means Flexiwaggons MultipurposeMW© increased choices for vehicle transport. 
The wagon has sockets for 240/400 V 50–60 Hz on board, the electricity is produced via shaft generators to a 36kW battery pack. Flexiwaggon MW© is thus independent of the trackelectricity supply.

Safe transport

Loading and unloading is quick and can be operated fromthe wagon or locomotive, which reduces the need for peoplewhich moves in the load zone.

Built-in flexibility

Flexiwaggon MW© is well suited for off-road vehicles,combat and rescue vehicles, but the wagon can also go with itadvantage to be used as a platform for repairs ofembankments and bridge railing repairs or other measureswhich require digging equipment and/or crane trucks.

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Flexiwaggon sets a new standard for intermodal freight transport.

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